5 new features for Dreamweaver

Free design resources and better scrolling effects are among the highlights in Adobe’s latest update to Muse CC.

It’s only been a few months since Adobe significantly enhanced its Creative Cloud web design tool for non-coders. But that hasn’t stopped the team developing it even further with the announcement this week of another update to Muse CC.

In addition to its already impressive selection of features, designers can now:

  • Access the new Adobe Muse Exchange, to download over 100 design elements submitted by the Adobe Muse community to-date, including starter templates, prototyping tools, interactive widgets, and more.
  • Collect reusable design elements like icons, buttons, headers and footers, styles, and grids using the new Library panel, and share with teams and other designers.
  • Easily connect sites to social media with a dozen new drag-and-drop Social widgets including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest buttons, plus Google maps, Vimeo and YouTube videos.
  • Choose from even more scroll effects options from the updated Scroll Effects panel, including the ability to:
    – Apply opacity and fading to scroll elements;
    – Add scroll effects to Adobe Edge animations and slideshows.
  • Set a full-screen slideshow that adjusts to the width of the screen whether viewing on a desktop or mobile device.

The new version is available to Creative Cloud members now by simply opening Adobe Muse, and clicking Install Now from the updater screen.

Adobe has also uploaded a number of new training videos inCreative Cloud Learn to help get started – also included with your membership at no additional cost.

Not yet a Creative Cloud member? Sign up for a free membership and get access to 30-day trials of every Adobe creative desktop app, including Adobe Muse. Free members also have access to the new training videos in Creative Cloud Learn to get started.

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